Knockout Radio 26 - BamboozleDownload Now

April 6 2019

Knockout Radio 26 Bamboozle has a good blend of everything, with a good dosage of Latin music. Some tracks to keep a close eye on Bella Ciao (I got inspired with this through a Netflix show Money Heist), Malaa - Notorious, Nicky Jam - Que Le De, Afro B - Drogba, Praise the Lord by A$AP Rocky Remix, and the entire Drogba / Kanye / Lil Pump blend!

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Knockout Radio 25 - Wild ThoughtsDownload Now

October 17 2017

Summer vibes to warm you up this fall. This edition of knockout radio has some heavy influence from a few new regions. Recently, I’ve been digging how African music has been infused with dancehall.

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Knockout Radio 24 - The GreatestDownload Now

July 28 2016

Summer 16 is now ready to rock. This edition of knockout radio has had some influence from a few countries I was in within the past few months (Jamaica and Colombia for the most part). To my fans who have been around since the beginning, you will hear a vibe that you haven't in years with a refreshing edge to it!

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Knockout Radio 23 - JumpmanDownload Now

October 22 2015

Alright!! Back to some straight throw down party workout jams! This one has been marinating for a while I had a hard time choosing from the tunes that have been out this year but narrowed it down to quite the list.

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Can I Call you Home?Download Now

June 25 2015

This past year i've been really getting into funkier remixes, that are a bit more laid back. Those mixes you play at a bbq on a Sunday afternoon when the sun is shinning down ....or simply sitting on a boat cruising around totally lost between islands far far away.

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No Strings Attached VDownload Now

February 12 2015

Never thought I would get to a fifth edition of No Strings Attached, but here we are with some inspiration! The mix goes back and forth giving you different vibes.

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New Years Eve at Revial

November 28 2014

​As you know I rarely blog about my events, but this is one I am particularly excited for. New Years Eve at Revival I will be DJing with some of my favourite DJs in the city.

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Midnight City IIDownload Now

October 14 2014

The follow up to Midnight City is now ready for your ears. I was planning on having this done in the summer, but I took a bit more time to make sure the mixes were fresh. There are some older tracks in here, but some that I could not pass up. My last mix hit an all time high of 2 million downloads thanks to you so keep sharing this with all your friends. Enjoy!

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Knockout Radio 22 - Last StandDownload Now

May 13 2014

​After taking a year hiatus on Knockout Radio i’ve made sure to bring it for episode 22. Last Stand took me a little longer than usual to create, I was overloaded with too many good tunes. For all you game of throne fans there is a special mix in here for yah! Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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