Get to Know Divsa
  • Q. What’s your elevator pitch?
  • A. For me, DJing started out as a hobby that I was extremely passionate about. I never imagined I would end up here, making people move with my mixes and performances in over 10,000 cities across the world. I rock with the 194 group, and have been doing this for over a decade.
  • Q. What’s your music style?
  • A. Across the board, depends on my mood
  • Q. Currently, what are you working on?
  • A. Experimenting with beats, noise & all that good stuff
  • Q. How many shows do you do per year?
  • A. 16 katrillion (that’s my made up number)
  • Q. Where is your favourite place to spin?
  • A. Overseas where the crowd might not speak the language but they can sing every song you play. Music speaks to all.
  • Q. What are your dealer’s choice?
  • A. Technic 1200s, Rane 57 or Pioneer 900, Novation Dicers
  • Q. 2Pac or Biggie?
  • A. Tough call, but Biggie for days
  • Q. What do you want people to know?
  • A. Fox News is evil
Street Cred / Performed With
  • Chris Brown
  • Demi Moore
  • Efren Ramirez
  • Elisha Cuthbert
  • Fabulous
  • Jazzy Jeff
  • Lil John
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Major Lazer
  • Nas
  • Pharrell Williams
  • Sean Paul
  • Steve Aoki
  • Usher
Corporate Clients (Mentionable)