New Years Eve at Revial

November 28 2014

​As you know I rarely blog about my events, but this is one I am particularly excited for. New Years Eve at Revival I will be DJing with some of my favourite DJs in the city. The ones that have always inspired me from the get go. Can’t forget my dude Sir Lancelot on the Mic and incredible JB Allen on the drums. The event is a pretty casual no hassel type of event with just great music. Tickets are pretty well priced as well at $25 so I would grab them before they go closer to the date. The event is called Midnight Mix - Musically we will be all over the map playing a bit of everything and then some. I’ve posted the link below for tickets which you can buy online to keep things simple.

Link to Purchase Tickets Online

So in a nutshell:

New Years Eve 2015
DJs: Wristpect, Baby Yu, Divsa, Sweet Touch, Big Philly, JB Allen
Hosted by: Sir Lancelot
Earlybird Tickets: $25
Venue: Revival (783 College Street West)
Music: Everything and then some!

New Years Eve 2015 at Revival
New Years Eve 2015 at Revival

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